Discipleship has been at the core of Youth Alive's work for the past 50 years with the purpose of character development and evangelism of many young people. Our discipleship philosophy consists of:

Youth Clubs

  • Astros (ages 5 to 9 years) and
    Juniors (ages 10 to 14 years)
    Sat 2:00PM - 4:00PM
  • Young Adults (ages 21 to 30 years)
    Sat 4:30 - 6:00PM
  • Seniors (ages 15 to 20)
    Sun 3:00 PM - 5:00PM

Each club is run by its respective leaders on different days and times. A leadership team for seniors and young adults typically consists of a president, deputy president, treasurer, secretary, visitor's secretary, project leaders and team leaders. These positions are occupied by the volunteer leaders.


Youth Alive runs annual camps (in December) for all the age groups. The camp's objectives are to: provide an outdoor experience; facilitate spiritual growth; develop interpersonal skills; provide a holiday, particularly for the most disadvantaged young people.


Seminars are aimed at empowerment of boy-girl child to deal with challenges of development and family dynamics.

Holiday Bible Clubs

Youth Alive runs Holiday Bible Clubs (HBC) for the Astros and juniors during the June and September school holidays. The young people partake in various activities such as - indoor and outdoor games, Bible story teachings, life skills training, art and crafts, drama, singing and dancing. The HBC's are also planned, coordinated and run by the volunteer leaders.

Mentorship Course

Mentorship training is aimed at equipping and enabling young people to take part in the betterment of their lives and the community. Mentorship address issues such as goal setting, time management, conflict management, communication, HIV / AIDS, healthy living, teenage pregnancy, personal financial management, relationships, substance abuse, career guidance, basic theology and leadership training.


This program aims at developing moral leadership through leadership training, mentorship and face to face meetings. Every year young people are elected and appointed to become volunteer leaders in the organization. They attend a training camp where they receive training on goal setting, time management, programme planning, team building, conflict management, communication, and leadership. The large part of their training and development is putting the acquired knowledge in practice through running our weekly youth and Holiday Bible clubs as well as leading our annual camps.



Youth Alive runs HIV / AIDS awareness and training for our members, churches, schools and other sectors of civil society. Youth Alive has also, on numerous occasions, given care and support to people infected and affected by HIV / AIDS.

Education Enrichment Program

In order to ensure that our members and community excel academically, Youth Alive offers an Education Support Program whereby we provide home work assistance, space to read, reading material and extra tutorial lessons on weekdays and weekends to our young people.


This serves to provide access to computer training for computer illiterate young people and also access to information for their school's assignment and club's program.

Schools Project

Schools project is aimed at providing services to selected schools in Soweto. This includes HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, career guidance and exposure to different work experience.


Youth Alive collaborates with churches on providing youth leadership training.